Professional advisory for athletes

Professional advisory for youth athletes

The world of youth-sport is rapidly changing and the number of choices that athletes and their families must make at young ages has never been greater. We help parents and student-athletes understand the different pathways and routes and work together to build out a roadmap that supports growth and a successful future in sport and life.

We provide full-lifecycle support to ensure our student-athletes have access to every resource possible to be successful

Services include:

  • Physical, academic and personal assessments
  • Roadmap & goal setting
  • Monthly calls & emails
  • Marketing to next levels
  • Advocacy and networking assistance
  • Leadership coach check-ins
  • HONE mental health support
  • Tutoring sessions
  • Cognitive development
  • Hockey IQ
  • Injury & rehab support plans

Personalized solutions to achieve greatness

As an integrated division on Village Sports, Village X Advisory has touch points on the development of our youth-athletes from early childhood through to life-after sport. This allows us to provide a holistic approach that integrates education, sport-specific programming, training, wellness, roadmap planning, route decisions and more to ensure continuity in your athletic career.

We develop a deep understanding of all areas of our athletes and can make thoughtfully considered recommendations, guidance, support and advisory that results in high-performance excellence.