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  • What exactly is the Bisons Academy?

    The Bisons Academy is a program designed specifically for the Bisons Athletic Association with the goal of enhancing player growth and development, coach development and parent education. The team program involves the Midget AAA Bisons morning campus at Ron Ebbesen Arena where student-athletes achieve daytime practices, additional training, and development and academic credits within the daily academic timetable. The Bisons Academy works alongside the Airdrie Global 10-12 program in all academic-related experiences.


  • Do I have to attend George McDougall High School?

    No. you can attend a school of your choice; however, the programming is designed to occur within the regular daily academic schedule of Airdrie Public high schools, and full participation in the Bisons programming is expected.

  • What is an In-Area and Out-of-Area student-athlete?

    "In-Area" student-athlete means the student is currently attending one of the three Airdrie public high schools.

    "Out-of-Area" student-athlete means any student not designate to one of the three Airdrie public high schools.

  • How do the academics work at the morning campus?

    The "Global" block is delivered during the first block of the day. This includes all CTS-related course work, on-ice practices (in-season) and multi-sport sessions and off-ice training sessions (off-season). The second block of the day is a humanities (English and/or Social Studies) course delivered by a Rocky View School Division teacher at our morning campus.

  • Where do the Bisons players go for the afternoons?

    Student-athletes return to their designate school where they continue with their other academic commitments.

  • What does the team program cost?
    All pricing is set by the Bisons Athletic Board and found on their website: www.bisonshockey.ca
  • What do Bisons players receive in this program?

    The program includes, and is not limited to: Bisons and Global led practices, off-ice training and off-ice skill integration sessions designed by PEAK Power Development, multi-sport sessions, academic support, coaching and leadership, team and individual video sessions, mental health expertise (Mindful Athletics), mental performance training (Inner Mind), guest speakers, G23 medical access, “Bisons Club” incubator, parent education and development, team mentorship, networking and next step progression plan for players.

  • Is transportation covered?

    Bisons players are responsible for their own transportation to the morning campus and returning home from school at the end of the day. Global assists in coordinating transportation efforts and solutions during the school day in conjunction with the school division and applicable families.

  • Does Global pick the Bisons team?

    No. The team is evaluated and selected by the Bisons Coaching Staff.

  • Does Global work with other associations and schools divisions?

    Yes. Global operates programs in multiple school divisions and with multiple associations. Each program is unique and specifically designed based on the individual association needs.

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